This is Bø Sommarland

Bø Sommarland is known for our splashtacular activities!  A waterland with slides and heated pools, Bøverstranda with funny games and Sommarlandelva with its enormous surf wave are only some of the water activities we can offer. For the toddlers we offer both wet and dry activities, we have a huge playground where children can play all day long. The social activities in «Mot i brøstet» og «Sommarlandelva» are a hit amongst teenagers. «Sentrifuga», «Flowrider» «Jettegryta», «Vassføyka» «Halfpipe» and «Magasuget» are the top favorites for the thrillseekers in search for action. Children and adults of all ages will love Bø Sommarland!

Bø Sommarland is owned by Parques Reunidos, who bought Sommarland in 2006. Every year near 150 000 people visit our park. We have 300 season employees and 5 permanent year-around employees. The park first opened in 1985, and it is one of the most well known attractions in the area.