Questions & Answers

Throughout the years we have received a lot of questions. Some of the most asked questions and answers can found here. If you’re wondering about something else, just call us on phone 35 06 16 00 or send an email to

Do you have any height and weight restrictions on your attractions?

For safety reasons we have both height and weight restrictions on our attractions. This is for your own good, and we politely ask you to follow the instructions from the lifeguards and the information that is on the signs for each attraction.

If you should lose a member of your party

Contact the information desk. We recommend you to take precautions, you should plan a meeting place in advance. Small children will be taken care of by our employees until the parents/contact person come and collect the child. We can also use our calling system to retrieve parents/contact persons, but this only applies to lost children under the age of 10.

Do you have lockers?

Yes, our lockers are located in Vannland and on Bøverstranda. Keys may be rented at either Baderingen Vannland and Solkiosken Bøverstranda.

May I bring dogs or other animals into Sommarland?

Dogs are welcome, but must be kept in tire and away from the pool. Free pick-up bags are available at our Information desk near the main entrance. We also have ten dog cages you may borrow for free. These are large outdoor cages with ceilings. You will get the key for the cage. If you have a small dog, we recommend you to bring your travel-cage inside our large cage. You may preorder a cage by sending an email to

Are there any trolleys in the park?

Trolleys are located just within the main entrance of the park. You have to deposit 10 NOK, which is returned to you when the trolley is put back into place.

My son is 135 cm tall, but I have read that you have to be 140 cm for some of your attractions. May he ride it if I give him my permission?

We are very careful about the safety in Bø Sommarland, and for your son’s sake we have introduced height restrictions; however, he is allowed to ride some of the attractions with 140 cm restriction with a guardian (if he is taller than 120 cm).

Is it allowed to use rollerblades, skateboards, scooters and such in Sommarland?

Due to the safety of our guests, we do not allow such things. If you have used these as a means of transport here, we will keep it safe at the information desk, so you may pick it up when you leave. We make exceptions when it is due to medical reasons.

May I use a grill in the park?

Due to fire hazard, it is strictly forbidden to build a fire in the park. This includes all types of grills, such as coal, gas and electric. Bø Sommarland has a good selection of products in our food-outlets, and it is also possible to bring cold food into the park. We have several green areas where there are opportunities for picnics in a quiet environment.

Withdraw cash

In our outlets, you may withdraw up to 500 NOK and up to 1000 NOK in the ticket counters.

Is parking free of charge?

There is a parking fee of 50 NOK in June and August, and 60 NOK in July.

Can we rent swimwear?

We do not rent out swimwear, but both bathing suits and towels may be purchased at Sommarbutikken located by the main entrance and at Sommarkiosken by Bøverstranda.

Is smoking allowed?

There are 6 smoking areas around the park, please check the park map for the locations.

Lightning and thunderstorms

When lightning and thunderstorms occur, attractions can be closed for shorter periods for safety reasons. In these rare occasions, it is considered as an unforeseen event, called force majeure, and tickets will not be refunded under conditions covered by this. We also reserve the right to close all of parts of the park on short notice. Refer to the information desk to get information about refund possibilities.

Lost and found

Please visit the information desk, call at +47 350 61 600 or e-mail and we will do our best to help you. .

Toilets for disabled people

Our toilets are accessible for disabled people.

May I rent a wheelchair?

We have a wheelchair for lending at the information desk.

Access for disabled

There is a walkway throughout the park which is well paved and serves as a good alternative for wheelchair users. Our own Tøffe-train will also carry passengers using a wheelchair.

Parking for disabled

Parking for disabled people are located in the parking lot just outside the main entrance. Keep your parking permit visible.

Do we have gluten-free food?

We serve gluten-free pizza, hamburger and hotdogs.