Childrens pool with slides

Beware of the Dragon!

In Vannland (Waterland) you will find a separate area for the youngest children. There are several small childrens pool with shallow water and slides between the different pools. A very kind dragon actually lives in one of the pools!

We always put safety first, but it is very important to pay close attention to your child when he or she is playing in the water. Our lifeguars are always there to watch out and help if anything should happen, but they are not babysitters.


Our kindest slides and attractions!

Childrens pool with slides is in our “soft” category. The slides and attractions in this category are suitable for most. In addition to the childrens pool with slides, you will also find the Mini Surfer, the Cars and the Hompetitten in this category. The soft slides must not be confused with the dull ones.

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Ride for kids


Height alone

Min: 105
Max: 130

Height double


Weight alone

Min: -
Max: -

Weight double







Near Childrens pool with slides

  • Hompetitten
  • Mini-surfer'n
  • Sjøormen Sjur

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