This is your chance!

Compete with your friends down this colorful and steep slide. Who’s first down Vassføyka? Grab a mat and climb 16 meter up in the tower, be ready for a 4 race slide on your stomach down the 110 meter long track. With the right technique you can achieve a top speed of 45 km/h!


Not so scary, but very exciting!

Vassføyka is in our category “moderate”. The slides and attractions in this category are suitable for many. These slides can for sure give you a high pulse. In addition to Vassføyka you will also find Tryll, Tarzan track and Splash in this category. Once you start sliding down these moderate slides and attractions you just want to do it over and over again .

- Card -


Water ride



Heart prob.


Height alone

Min: 110 cm

Height double


Weight alone

Max: 130 kg

Weight double





6 years



Near Vassføyka

  • Trippeltrakta
  • Flow Rider
  • Sommarlandelva

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