Sommarland + ice cream = Somarlandis!

In the middle of Vannland you will find the Ishjørnet. Do you want something sweet after lunch? In Ishjørnet you will find many goodies! At Ishjørnet you get ice cream, soft ice, milkshake and freshly baked Belgian waffles. Here you also get to buy our delicious signature ice cream Sommarlandisen and Monsterisen! Sommarlandisen consists of two scoops of ice cream, soft ice, strawberry topping, meringue, sweet biscuit and a large foam strawberry. Monsterisen (monster ice cream) is not as scary as it sounds, it is perhaps the nicest monster there is. Ice cream with exciting sprinkles, biscuits and sweets! Mmm… The signature ice creams are favorites of both Bøvern and our guests. The signature ice creams are also sold in Bølgen Isbar and on Bøverstranda.



Signature ice creams including Sommarlandis and Monsteris
Soft ice and other ice creams
Coffee, hot chocolate, tea and soft drinks
Fresh Belgian waffles, muffins and other baked goods

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Ice Cream





10.00-19.00 (17)

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