Øya Pizzeria

Freshly made pizza!

What‘s your favorite? Ham, chicken, pepperoni, taco, tuna or vegetarian – the choice is yours! We also have gluten-free pizzas.
After dinner you can try out our ice cream shop right next to it!

You can choose between a whole pizza or just a slice. On the menu you’ll find:
“Nasse Nøff” with cheese, tomato sauce, ham and mushrooms.
“Beefy Bacon” with cheese, tomato sauce, beef, bacon, red onion, and peppers.
“Chicky Chicken” with cheese, chicken, pesto and sundried tomatoes.
“Pepper’n” with cheese, tomato sauce, pepperoni and pineapple.
“Tricky Taco” with cheese, tomato sauce, minced meat with taco seasoning, peppers, onion, corn and jalapenos.
“Veggie” with cheese, tomato sauce, pineapple, sundried tomatoes, onion and mushrooms.
“Tønna Tomato” with cheese, tomato sauce, tomato and tuna.

On Øya Pizzeria you’ll also find nachips, supernachos, soda and coffee.

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11.00-18.00 (16.00)

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