Hungry yet? In the middle of Vannland you’ll find Børger’n! There are plenty of benches and seating in the area, both under roof and under the open sky. Here is plenty of room to grab a bite to eat and have a little water break before continuing your day in the water park.

After lunch at Børger’n you can grab a Sommarlandis or a Belgian waffle with ice cream in Ishjørnet! Or maybe you would rather have a big slush from Slushfabrikken for dessert? In Vannland there are several restaurants and plenty to choose from. After lunch and dessert, you are ready for new splashtacular activities and many waterslides!

At Børger’n you get juicy burgers with french fries. We offer a 100 gram burger and in addition we can tempt with our own Sommarland burger. This burger contains a double burger with salad and dressing, topped with onion rings and bearnaise sauce.



Juicy burgers with french fries, chicken nuggets, fish rolls and hot dogs, as well as a selection of fruits and vegetables. You can also get soft drinks, juice, smoothie and kuli, as well as hot drinks like coffee, hot chocolate and tea.

We also serve gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan alternatives. In addition, we use 100% Norwegian beef and 100% plant oil in our dishes.


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French Fries

Hot Dog



11.00-19.00 (17)

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